Half Fuller in the Media

Vice Magazine - December 21, 2012

By Patrick McGuire

Meet the Guy who Painstakingly Recreated Quentin Tarantino's Films on Zero Budget.

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Fester Mindfuck Film Festival 2015

Two short films connecting to Jordan Richards's feature film debut, "Hardly Boiled" (2015), entitled "Lobsters" and "Lobsters Remake", premiered at The Fester Mindfuck Film Festival in Los Angeles in the summer of 2015. The two films tell a short tail of the lover protagonists from "Hardly Boiled" and their love of lobsters and love. We hear a bit from the lobsters too.

Short Films: "Lobsters" (2015) & "Lobsters Remake" (2015)
Official Selection: "Fester The Mindfuck Film Festival" 2015