Hardly Boiled (2015)

Ray Sutherland is our protagonist. A one time movie theatre usher, film projectionist and aspiring filmmaker. The year is 2013 and the world has been hit by another great depression. This time much worse than the great depression. The world has coined it, "The Grand Depression". After a consistent life of rejection and abandonment thus far into his 30 something odd years, Ray is now also jobless.

Movie theatres now only exist to show older movies digitally. Movie producers are now jumping out the window at more rampant a rate than bankers were during the great depression. There's no money around to produce any new work. And it'll be a long time off until things resume to a bit more of a normal state. If they ever do. Hating the world and most people in it, Ray looks into a life of crime by becoming a contract killer for hire by mob organizations. The only group around to provide much anything of a pay check these days. Ray's anger is what convinces the mob bosses to give him a chance at the game of contract killing. He ends up surprising them when he ends up doing quite well at it.

Enter Ava Stone. A local gun runner and seller around town who Ray has to work with occasionally. Picking up guns for the jobs and whatnot. Ava and Ray once had a moment of intimacy with one another. They hate each other now. Ava's under the impression Ray is a fraud as contract killer. And is determined to take him down from the thrown and title the Toronto criminal underworld has given him. They call him, "The Mean-ass Bastard Killer". If Ava has her way she'll have that title as her own soon enough.

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