The American Oz (2017)

Connecting to a quasi web series entitled, “Frank Thompson Originals”, (2010 - 2014), created by actor and moviemaker Jordan Richards, comes Richards second feature film, “The American Oz”, (2017). A strange bird by the name of Frank Thompson (Richards), finds himself coming from a series of bizarre episodes from the web series into this feature film. After the first half of Frank’s thirties being spent in the city of Toronto under mysterious circumstances, he finds himself residing in Florida for his 35th year under the same set of mysterious circumstances.

The year is 2015. And Frank goes to Disneyworld to pickup his dampened spirits. He is then mysteriously kidnapped by an American / German / Floridian family. From there, a lady friend, who Frank was supposed to meet up with, hires an F.B.I. agent friend to seek Frank out.

Come see what Richards himself calls, "An innocent sort of, "Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf?", yet still "R" rated kinda tale, that may also seem like, "Star Wars" meets "an Oliver Stone sorta universe", in this rip-roaring and vulgar black comedy for the ages.